Are our Children the Children Of the Damned

From These Ashes I Will Rise

There is a movie called “The Children of The Damned”. What happens in this town is everybody suddenly falls into a sleep like state wherever they were and stayed in this sleep like state for about an hour or two. Once awoken the town women were pregnant.  All the children were born at the same time, looking the same way. They had the same hair, eyes, and were very intelligent. But, there was one who was more intelligent than the others. He was the leader of the children. These children were able to read their parents minds and knew just what they were thinking about. They made the parents do just what they wanted. Eventually the children were moved to their own part of the town. Every one in the town were scared of them. When they  walked through the town the parents and others looked the other way or ran away. Have we become those parents? Scared…

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“Are We Failing

From These Ashes I Will Rise

This has been on my heart for such a long time but seeing all the things happening around us. I feel like we are so distracted with worldly things we are not seeing prophecy being fullfilled, are we failing is the church failing are we as parents or grandparents failing? So this is the introduction to my series Are We Failing. I remember Earth Wind and Fire song “Open Our Eyes our eyes need to be opened.

Corinthians 4 verse 1-18 Therefore seeing we have this ministry as we have received mercy, we faint not; (2) But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of Hod decitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. (3) But if our gospel be hid to therm that are lost. (4) In whom the god of…

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The End Times

From These Ashes I Will Rise

Are We Failing
There are things happening around us every day, are we so distracted by the things of this world, the economy, war, jobs, that’s how the (devil) Satan wants us to be Distracted! I remember watching Interview with a Vampire and after Lastat had bitten Louie something started happening he told Louie it’s your body dying so his body or his soul was dying then he came back to life Lestat says now look with you vampire eyes he say everything differently well that’s what we need to do look at this world with our Spiritual eyes.
II Timothy
1.This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
2. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3.Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good

4.Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers…

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Where Would They Be

June 11, 2015

Where Would They Be
This is about a mother who had several children for the most part this mother raised these children on her own they had hard times together they survived.
The mother and her children had to make several moves one for the better she always kept her children lifted in prayer always asked God to protect them, (Please God Cover them with your Blood send angles to protect them from harm.) The mother endured a lot for her family being talked about, her name slandered, being deceived and lied on and brought down to her lowest point for her children, they had never seen the hurt she felt for her children not having the things they really needed or nights she cried, nights she never slept walking back and forth making sure they weren’t in danger when she didn’t eat making sure they ate first this mother loved her children. Once the children became older some had families of their own and some didn’t all they knew were their families and if that spouse didn’t want the mother around they would tell the mother they didn’t want their spouse upset so the mother wasn’t allowed to be around or invited to family functions. They hurt their mother deeply made her cry, she cried to God why? There were times they would stop speaking to their mother, excluded her from family functions but included others again she cried God why, why God why???? Times they said to her I’m sick of this family or I’m stepping away from everyone included their mother because things wasn’t going the way they thought it should be , saying I’m done with this family but telling this to their mother so that meant her too. What would happen if she separated herself from the family and removed all her prayers, blessings and love from these children the mother who had protected them because of her prayers still praying for them then and now. Where Would They Be
Juanita Mulkey

Light At the End Of the Tunnel

From These Ashes I Will Rise

February 27,2013

There is a Light at the end of the Tunnel
Have you ever noticed a tunnel how dark and dreary it it….
But at the end we have to keep each other encourged to know that in the tunnel is the Lord also just like that firery furnance. Praise God)
you come up against people whom themselves are being deceived by the enemy we call satan. Have you ever been in a situation where you were laughing and crying at the same time watching and knowing that the truth and the outcome of your situation. One of the old saints read Psalms 46 it sumed it up for me God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, through the earth be removed, and through the mountains be be carried into the minst of the sea; Through the waters there…

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I’M Your Mother!!!!

A-mothers-loveJuly 11, 2014

I’m tied of these ungrateful children thinking they can talk to their mother like she wasn’t nobody ,they feel like they can say anything to their mothers I’ve heard the cries of too many mothers about the way they have been treated by their children mothers who made sure they had a roof over their heads, worked several jobs to make sure they had clothes on their backs and shoes on their feet good strong mothers who didn’t eat to make sure they had enough food in their bellies. Stand back look over your lives young people and realize who has been there for you your MOTHER!!! through good or bad times your mother has been there where would you be if she had not sacrificed with her love, and time her patience how she was there helping you after a hard day’s work coming home cooking, washing your clothes even when she was needing rest herself your mother helped you with your homework night after night at times making sure you had things you asked her for. Yes mother’s have make mistakes there was no handbook for mother’s on how to raise children look at your life if it had not been for sacarifice would you have that life now?? ask yourself did my mother fail me to the point that she should be disrespected by me. Remember mama jokes that was fighting words just another thought. So look at the life you have now you think that was not because of your mother’s sacrifice she cried nights for you, prayed for you, fought for you, that was your Mother!!! Enough is enough the hurtful words disregard for who this women was her strength she showed her indurence times whe she wanted to give up she knew she had to keep going because you needed her, when she wanted to break down and just give up she couldn’t because you needed her yes she made some mistakes but she was still there for you. I just can’t explain the hurt the pain for a child to say I don’t want nothing to do with you anymore MOM!!! feels like everything inside of you has just been riped apart she ask the question Lord is this my child. SHE asked herself did I raise this child when and how long has this child been feeling this way towards me Lord!!. I guess the kids feel like a mother did what you were suppose to do. The sad thing about this is we as mother’s still loves you, still pray for you still want the best for you and when you’re in trouble come and see about you. Remember your mother won’t be here always she’s here now ask the children who have lost a mother they will tell you I wish my mother was still here.
Juanita Mulkey


Revelation: The act of revealing, a striking of surprising disclosure.

The first thing God I asked was to give me the gift of ask for decerment of spirits he reveal your spirit first and lets you see yourself because how can you have that gift presented to you when you don’t see you. I have been asking God for this gift well he showed me I cried and cried asking for forgiveness now I can start walking in my divine purpose, In order to get to the next level there had to be some humility and I see that now when you have a work to do you will find humility quite often so God prepares you for it in your walk you also learn to be meek but most of all humble you will cry many tears I was told. When revelation comes it’s a life changing experience in order for elevation there had to be humility now I can start my journey walking in my divine purpose. I thank you Holy Spirit for the gift of discernment and humility.
Juanita Mulkey