I’M Your Mother!!!!

A-mothers-loveJuly 11, 2014

I’m tied of these ungrateful children thinking they can talk to their mother like she wasn’t nobody ,they feel like they can say anything to their mothers I’ve heard the cries of too many mothers about the way they have been treated by their children mothers who made sure they had a roof over their heads, worked several jobs to make sure they had clothes on their backs and shoes on their feet good strong mothers who didn’t eat to make sure they had enough food in their bellies. Stand back look over your lives young people and realize who has been there for you your MOTHER!!! through good or bad times your mother has been there where would you be if she had not sacrificed with her love, and time her patience how she was there helping you after a hard day’s work coming home cooking, washing your clothes even when she was needing rest herself your mother helped you with your homework night after night at times making sure you had things you asked her for. Yes mother’s have make mistakes there was no handbook for mother’s on how to raise children look at your life if it had not been for sacarifice would you have that life now?? ask yourself did my mother fail me to the point that she should be disrespected by me. Remember mama jokes that was fighting words just another thought. So look at the life you have now you think that was not because of your mother’s sacrifice she cried nights for you, prayed for you, fought for you, that was your Mother!!! Enough is enough the hurtful words disregard for who this women was her strength she showed her indurence times whe she wanted to give up she knew she had to keep going because you needed her, when she wanted to break down and just give up she couldn’t because you needed her yes she made some mistakes but she was still there for you. I just can’t explain the hurt the pain for a child to say I don’t want nothing to do with you anymore MOM!!! feels like everything inside of you has just been riped apart she ask the question Lord is this my child. SHE asked herself did I raise this child when and how long has this child been feeling this way towards me Lord!!. I guess the kids feel like a mother did what you were suppose to do. The sad thing about this is we as mother’s still loves you, still pray for you still want the best for you and when you’re in trouble come and see about you. Remember your mother won’t be here always she’s here now ask the children who have lost a mother they will tell you I wish my mother was still here.
Juanita Mulkey


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