Are our Children the Children Of the Damned

From These Ashes I Will Rise

There is a movie called “The Children of The Damned”. What happens in this town is everybody suddenly falls into a sleep like state wherever they were and stayed in this sleep like state for about an hour or two. Once awoken the town women were pregnant.  All the children were born at the same time, looking the same way. They had the same hair, eyes, and were very intelligent. But, there was one who was more intelligent than the others. He was the leader of the children. These children were able to read their parents minds and knew just what they were thinking about. They made the parents do just what they wanted. Eventually the children were moved to their own part of the town. Every one in the town were scared of them. When they  walked through the town the parents and others looked the other way or ran away. Have we become those parents? Scared…

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