Where Would They Be

June 11, 2015

Where Would They Be
This is about a mother who had several children for the most part this mother raised these children on her own they had hard times together they survived.
The mother and her children had to make several moves one for the better she always kept her children lifted in prayer always asked God to protect them, (Please God Cover them with your Blood send angles to protect them from harm.) The mother endured a lot for her family being talked about, her name slandered, being deceived and lied on and brought down to her lowest point for her children, they had never seen the hurt she felt for her children not having the things they really needed or nights she cried, nights she never slept walking back and forth making sure they weren’t in danger when she didn’t eat making sure they ate first this mother loved her children. Once the children became older some had families of their own and some didn’t all they knew were their families and if that spouse didn’t want the mother around they would tell the mother they didn’t want their spouse upset so the mother wasn’t allowed to be around or invited to family functions. They hurt their mother deeply made her cry, she cried to God why? There were times they would stop speaking to their mother, excluded her from family functions but included others again she cried God why, why God why???? Times they said to her I’m sick of this family or I’m stepping away from everyone included their mother because things wasn’t going the way they thought it should be , saying I’m done with this family but telling this to their mother so that meant her too. What would happen if she separated herself from the family and removed all her prayers, blessings and love from these children the mother who had protected them because of her prayers still praying for them then and now. Where Would They Be
Juanita Mulkey


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