About Me

Born in New Orleans La an only child  to a single mother I myself am a mother of four and a grandmother to many. I  married at the young age of 18   we were straight out of high school getting pregnant  not knowing ourselves becoming parents and husband and wife. These are my ashes I always wanted to write some of my friends said you should write a book I just didn’t feel book another friend said write a blog sent me to this blog site the blogs started just for me to release some of the things that had attacked me some dark days but from these ashes I rose.I hope and pray this is a blessing to many but if just for one person is blessed I’ve done good. Remember  God first, Prayer, Loving yourself is the key to surviving and to surrender to the Holy Spirit.

I want to thank you God for today and for the days that’s behind and for the days before me. Here!!! I’am a warrior broken by sin raised by Grace and mercy.



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