What’s your Purpose after the Fiery Furnace?

I woke up Sunday morning just giving God Praise for waking me up that morning also for the new life he has blessed me with because while I slept he allowed me to see my former life and how far I had come delivered from all the pain and hurt my life literately flashed before my eyes. You know how some people say they had a near death experience and their life flashed before their eyes not in my case I was sleeping, sleeping I guess it was my death to my old life that had been in my subconscious way back there somewhere needed to die before I could go on to walk in the path that had been set up for me. Then the voice began to speak to me now my child what are you going to do are you ready to walk in your purpose? Just like the Hebrew boys who had been in the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lion’s den he had been with me all along through all of the hard times my fiery furnace.
Now I can walk in my purpose. Father I’m Ready!!!
Juanita Mulkey


The Void

The Void

Void: Lacking contents, empty, emptiness, empty space, a state of feeling or loss or privation.

I have heard the cries of many women, add to them my own. We ask how long Lord before someone enters my life? A good person, someone to love me and take care of me, Lord. I want some companionship! When???

I am an older woman who has been through a lot of growth so I can tell younger women to wait. What?! Wait how long? They do not feel that they have reached that point yet. I understand because I now standing on the other side. I understand because I have not always been here. Like everything else in life there is a process to healing. Even I still have feelings of emptiness, the ever present longing for companionship, to be held kissed, caressed, and told I am beautiful.

It has taken such a long time to write this because I realize how sad it is to long for that someone. Just waiting not to mention the longing for attention from another human being. I have been told that women of my age still have these feelings, and I can say at my age I still do.

What to do when that feeling suddenly comes over you like an intense hot flash? You may not want to acknowledge what works for me, yet still, my answer will always be, talk to God. We have a serious talk, and yes I cry to my Father and get comfort until the next time. From my experience, prayer works. Knowing that He supplies all my needs, yes, including this one. He fills the void, He can I tell you. To keep this yearning at bay I cannot watch certain things on television. Why? Well, we women yearn for the attention of the male species. In this day and time we have to be careful with ourselves, body and heart.

Loving God assures me that He will not bring someone into my life who will come between He and I. I am thankful for His word and the assurance it brings of this blessing. With the wisdom knowledge and understanding I have gained I know He will do it in His own time. Having a personal relationship with the Master I know He has done the impossible before in my life. God is the restorer of His people when we diligently seek Him. I suggest to all women to seek Him. You have never been loved until you are saturated in love from the precious Holy Spirit. The bible says seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open. I have stood at the door knocking and He let me in.

Loneliness it’s just a void needing to be filled. It’s a void like hunger. The need of something to fill the that empty space will be there until you eat something whole and get full.

It is such a strong feeling, loneliness.

It is why so many of us find ourselves in unhealthy relationships. We women have to be mindful of who is filling the void.

we find ourselves finding so call Love in the wrong places some of us get into relationships that causes more pain than we had before we are our own enemy some of our sisters don’t make it through some get on drugs, abuse or death for them and their children all I say is that could have been me. To be honest my testimony my truth is I’ve had other people trying to fill that void finding out I was still lonely I realized those people were for someone not for me God allowed those void fillers to come and go not attaching themselves to me or me to them, the person whom attention I wanted I got the attention but still there was that void something was missing Love pure Love between a man and a woman I don’t know what Love is really you know what it feels like what was missing true love and that’s what the Lord Jesus provides he can fill that void that emptiness in a relationship there has got to be love and respect not one giving and the other taking draining the person of what they are some say it’s better to have a piece of man than no man at all that’s a problem are you being satisfied in the relationship who is being pleased you or him. Try Jesus you’re be satisfied in every way it’s a win , win situation I remember crying one time after having sex with this person he asked why was I crying I told him it’s because I’m here with you he looked surprised and confused I felt so empty and again asking Lord there has got to be more for me.
It took several years of crying and calling on the name of the Lord I knew a change was coming and it did free at last free at last again but this time it’s different I know the Lord Jesus Christ that’s what I was seeking it filled that void when I’m lonely he holds me I have the relationship I need the loneness is gone I can say I have peace and contentment, being in lustful relationship there was no love or mention of love anymore so if it wasn’t love it was lust it like we had that understanding not even respect it was what it was filling a void not so much his mine some of us say well my body needed that, not knowing that the mental harm it was doing I remember several times getting upset because the person was not available when I wanted him I dare him! Sometimes calling and calling. I remember reading the story of Ruth and about Esther that’s what I want a king or a Boaz no more of these bozo the clown Ruth the bible says clave to her mother-in-law moved to another city met Boaz who was rich and a man of God did I say rich (laughing) she said whither thou goest I will go your God is my God so there was something in her mother –in –law she respected and seen what strength she had to see her faith she had in her God because where Ruth came from she worshipped idols so for her to believe in God she had to have seen the works he had performed in Naomi her mother in law so the story continues they travel back to Naomi’s home and Ruth is working in the fields where Boaz sees her pay close attention Boaz sees her she actually paid him no attention so Ruth had to be something to see in Boaz eyes she was put there just for Boaz to see so again he that findeth a wife finds a good thing there is no harm in being sought by the right person pleasing to his eye.
Now being me knowing and seeing what God has done in my life protecting me from me looking and filling a void I know to wait and see the man (MAN) God is bringing to me knowing the Love of God it’s now anticipation waiting to see how he’s going to look, what’s his name because I know he’s coming . I told a friend of mine it seems like I’m invisible to men she said you’re not invisible the right man has to see you made sense after she said it I’ll be what he sees A women said I just called out to God on day and said LORD I’M TIRED OF BEING ALONE!! We have to remember the devil hears our cry also we have to be so careful that’s why we go in prayer she’s not alone anymore as soon as she said that a man she had known came along (a man) a younger man came into her life he filled her void but is she happy? I’m not going to reveal it to you I really want some feedback on this one ladies. I tell everybody and talk to young ladies stating I’m waiting on God well this is what I get from young women, you’re older and I said to them just because I’m older don’t think I don’t want the same thing you do I want companionship, to be held but most of all to be loved I have had several conversations with the Lord on this subject I even had a date several weeks I remember saying to myself and God I did not want anybody someone brought to me well here again the devil hears and tries to make a liar of you so we’re at work talking my coworker say we need to get you someone your pretty dresses well they feeling so sorry for me I got set up everything is a set up by God or the devil one of my co workers says I have a number to give you a man from my church wanted me to give my number to a friend a nice woman like her his wife had passed away he wanted a good women she gives me, me his number it took me a while to call so here I go taking the bait again be careful of friends with good intentions were at work talking again well have you call the man yet I said no! I was afraid because I just was not comfortable “oh” call the man what can it hurt go on call him your scared you can’t be scared all the time I called the man we talked set up a date I still was not comfortable I said I’m going to call and cancel this right now they said “what’s wrong with you” it’s just a date girl go I agreed I go on the date Time for this man to pick me up steps from his car a very nice mustang ok he was handsome my height opens the door for me a complete gentleman we get in the car very clean we talk he’s playing music the kind I like the blues I say all right this might work we go to dinner talk go have drinks talk some more talked about his wife and family we had too much in common he was an only child just like me 4 children like me too much and he takes me home I give him a hug this man would have been ideal (not) this OG said well I had a good time I think we should have a second date now let me tell you because I had so much faith in God and he was such a gentlemen just what I had been talking to God about when this mad said he was going to call me he did ,again he was a gentleman I said to myself he’s got to be the one ha!!!!! This man called me we talked then days passed after a while the phone calls stopped after he said we were going on another date I was going through some changes feeling funny my spirit was disturbed I knew why that was the same spirit my ex had I called this man several times I finally left him a message telling him to have a good life. Be careful of the spirits they know who you are I started feeling attached from me it was so strange feeling this was wrong disturbing my spirit making me feel uneasy this was not the one we have to be so careful with us (women) I tore up his number and removed his number from my phone… Women ask yourself who is filling the void or do you still feel empty the best way to fill the void is through Jesus Christ depend on his Holy Spirit a friend of mine wrote a book check it out When Loving Him is Killing You (Goldia Felder). On Amazon. a Boaz or a King ask yourself is there more? Be careful how you cry out God hears and knows so does the devil.

Seeing the Miracles of God

I talk about God all the time to family and friends but when you actually get praise reports at the moment God is working seeing his angels cancelling appointments so you can be next “wow” the hands of God working on your behalf ,Oh your next and your saying what next ,when all the information you need at your request and not pay anything. When two or three are worshipping God he’s in the mist. That’s why we intercede for others in prayer knowing that whatever it is it’s done in Jesus Name having the Faith when we speak, speak with boldness. In God there’s Miracles happening everyday. I received a call letting me know of a miracle today. I wrote this to let everyone know God can and will do what he said.The word of God is being fulfilled in lives everyday, God has smiled, made the path clear sent his Holy Angeles when the Father shows up and shows out. Well right now Father we give you all the Glory and Praise and Honour Father in your Holy Name thanking you on the behalf of sister’s going through divorce today, sister’s in turmoil, families, children we all have something but right we know and thank you for deliverance. Amen

Family’s Love

Me being the oldest cousin, the mother of children and the grandmother of many I wanted to say one year we wwere all together burying our grandmother one year later we were burying my aunt, my mothers only sibling her sister and my cousins mother few years later we buried our precious baby so I say all of this to say we never know when or where death is coming but be very sure it will so I ask as the oldest cousin, mother and even friend there is nothing so bad in your family that can’t be made right call your family tell them how you love them you were just thinking about them. People come and people go but family means everything I know brothers and sisters even cousins stop speaking sometimes but it should not be for ever. What would happen if you tried to call your brother or sister and they were nolonger there, maybe because I’m an only child or maybe because I see more into things we need each other I know my family is very important, family means everything to me I Love my children, cousins, daughters, sons, daughter-in laws and all my grandchildren and friends.Call if your not speaking call if you are speaking whatever the problem was or is make it right time is to short and life is to precious.

Juanita Mulkey


March 6, 2013
My family, friends, call all the time just to talk or for advice throug prayer the word influence came to me you have influence in people lives use it for your family and friends what!!! Influence, well since I have influence I really hope and pray that my influence matters to them now I employ you to read and teach your children the Bible let the children read to you. I talk about this because of the importance of what’s being said in the bible of these time were living in and times to come. I’ve been reading Daniel and his dreams. Speaking of Daniels dreams what have you been dreaming? I know some of you have dreams you might not understand read and you’ll get understanding I know my children and my grandchildren even my daughter- in laws know what i’m speaking about, this blog is for my family, friends I love everybody so much this is my prayer to you all that you read and get understanding and most of all let the next generation get the understanding also. Pay attention watch the news see the world changing I never thought I would see these things now in my time but they are here. If you’re the influence to your family and friends pay it forward. Tell of the good news of Jesus Christ and what will transpire before his coming back for his church.
Juanita Mulkey

Light At the End Of the Tunnel

February 27,2013

There is a Light at the end of the Tunnel
Have you ever noticed a tunnel how dark and dreary it it….
But at the end we have to keep each other encourged to know that in the tunnel is the Lord also just like that firery furnance. Praise God)
you come up against people whom themselves are being deceived by the enemy we call satan. Have you ever been in a situation where you were laughing and crying at the same time watching and knowing that the truth and the outcome of your situation. One of the old saints read Psalms 46 it sumed it up for me God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, through the earth be removed, and through the mountains be be carried into the minst of the sea; Through the waters there of roar and be troubled, through the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Seleh ( stop and think on this) There is a river, the streams wherof shall make glad the city of God,the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High. God is in the mist of her, she shall not be moved: Gos shall help her, and that right early. The heathen raged, the kindoms were moved: he uttered his voice, and the earth melted. The Lord of host is with us:The God of Jacob is our refuge. Seleh (think on these things) Come behold the works of the Lord, what desolations he hath made in the earth. He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth: he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spearin sunder: he burneth the chariot in the fire. Be still and know that I am God: I will be exalted in the earth. The Lord of host is with us; the God of jacob is our refuge. SELEH (think on these things)
Juanita Mulkey

From These Ashes I Will Rise

This topic can go so deep. Buckle your seat belts; I warn you right now it’s going to be one interesting ride. We look at this world around us with eyes of the flesh and never even realize we are on ENEMY territory. First I will start this bit of information off with as I will call it “word understanding”. Ask yourself this question and see if you truly knew the answer. What is the true meaning of these words?

Familiar: One who is often seen and well known, an intimate associate and one who     frequents a place.

Spirit: An Often malevolent being that is bodiless but can become visible, a malevolent being that enters and possesses a human being, and the activating or essential principle influencing a (person, inclination, impulse, or tendency) of a specified kind.

Familiar Spirit: A spirit or Demon that serves or prompts an individual.


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